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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, f-list!

I hope you guys who celebrate Christmas is having a good time, and that the rest of the f-list that doesn't celebrate it is having a nice holiday ♥

I myself is having a nice time reading my backlog fics. It's nice having a break, and a nice, private time at home :D
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a dream

I... got a dream about Merlin series. In my dream, the penultimate episode showed that there's Morgana and Morgause meeting with Arthur and Merlin in some sort of a garden party. Someone (either Morgana or Morgause) told Arthur that Merlin had magic. Arthur looked more resigned, rather than angry, almost as if he already knows that fact. He then asked Gwaine to battle it out with Merlin one-on-one as punishment for Merlin. At the battle arena, Gwaine told Arthur that he wouldn't do it, because Merlin was his friend. Magically, Arthur switched over to being all friendly to Merlin seconds after he heard that comment.

The weird thing was, he repaired his relationship with Merlin, by singing a song. I don't remember the song, but the word 'peanut' and something about friendship was included in it. Merlin also sang back, and I remembered being surprised on how pleasant Colin's voice was. In my dream, he had this lovely tenor voice. Then there's this epic group dancing like in a musical.

Then I woke up -_-

/end of random post, back to writing report.

chicken problem

So okay, I know I lived in a neighbourhood that could be described as a semi-village of some sort. I know that some of my neighbours still have chickens and goats and well, farm animals (though I don't see any water buffaloes these days). I know that they don't really have appropriate land to house them.

Knowing that, however, do not change my annoyance on the fact that some of the smaller chickens could slip through the gaps on my house fence, and decide that my garden is their favorite place to search for worms. I don't want them to be run over by my car, and I don't want to capture them so I could eat them (like what slashy_lady suggested). So the next logical thing to do is to shoo them away.

If only that was easy as I thought it could be. The annoying chickens just don't want to get out of my garden! They also love to go around in circles, and running after them with my broom to egg them on makes me feel like a fool, ...or someone that's in a video game called 'Chicken Hunt' or something like that.

From now on, I would eat my chicken with more relish -_- /endofrandompost


So now I got roped in to be an associate in the Assessment Division at a small consultant. I have to make psychological reports for recruitment and promotions in several companies so they know which candidates that are recommended based on their intelligence, attitude, and personality. My workplace is lovely aside from the limited parking space; the people there are lively and friendly. My work demand fast, accurate, and comprehensive result of the assessment, and it keeps me busy (I'm procrastinating in doing two more reports right now). And well, I both love and hate making the reports itself. The thing is, while I like to observe people for private musings, I'm not very keen on judging their personality and attitude. I especially loathe it when I'm not sure whether a candidate could suit a job, but said candidate look so determined that it suit them, and I can see that they really, really want it. My feelings hurt for them when I have to say that they are less prospective for the job, and I have to be very careful on not letting my emotion cloud my judgement *sniffles*

Another thing that happened in my life : I might / might not go for a hajj pilgrimage. It's an expensive trip, but my aunt decided to pay more than half of the expenses so I could go (thanks aunty!). If I'm going this year, I'll go for more or less three weeks with one of my uncles, two of my aunties, and my mum. It all depends on several things, and I'm still waiting for the final decision.

So... Hi!

How are you guuys? Sorry that I'm not being a nice friend to most of you lately.

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I basically have no other reason to be out of touch aside from wanting to spend time alone with myself. The last two semester has been emotionally taxing for me. I haven't got much time to appreciate a private time alone with what I really wanted to do without worrying about something. I feel the need to breathe easily, and so I choose to take time for myself. I feel selfish, and I feel guilty about it, but it is quite refreshing.

Anyway, there are a few circumstances that blocked my intention to search for a steady job, so the free time might be more than I wanted. I probably would be going to a museum tour of some sort and catch up with my backlog. Hm. Ah well, I'll just see what I could do with it. So... What are you guys up to?


The whole thesis thing is finally finished. After a frustrating week full of revisions that seemingly never ending, it's really over. Thank God.

Yesterday was the announcement of my final thesis score and final GPA. I found out that I got the first rank in the Industrial/Organizational class, and 14th in the professional psychology graduate program. Yay, I guess? I don't know, I'm not feeling really celebratory. I just feel a relief that it's all over, a feeling that seemingly was shared by others that scored better than me. If anything, having a good score feels like a burden since there's expectation. But well, I'm glad that I've done well enough to make my family and friends quite proud.

The thing that worth a bit celebration is me getting a tablet. YAAAY! It's a Motorola Xoom, with Android 3.0 OS. I actually wanted a smartphone so I can be connected on the go, but the tablet was on sale and I finally chose buying the tablet instead. The tablet is connected by Wifi, but no additional 3G connection through SIM card, so there goes my plan of being always connected. I'm not really complaining though, since it's just lovely to read e-books there, and the e-mail client has a lovely minimalistic, practical design.

I haven't named it yet. It's temporarily called Agria out of whim. Any of you got any ideas on what should I name my tablet? It's black, looks tough, quite bulky. I have the urge to name it with something Latin / not common. Hm...

hoping for some good luck for tomorrow

So, the past weeks had gone in a... rather chaotic way. I somehow managed to finish my thesis near the deadline, two days ago. It has a lot of imperfections, but isn't it always? And tomorrow, at 15.00 in my time zone (GMT +07:00), I'll be doing my thesis defence.

God, I feel so nervous. Especially since I'm responsible to drop my thesis to my examiner's house, and I don't have a way to know whether she has received or not since her mobile is off for two days -_-

Ah well, whatever. Wish me luck!


Hey frieeeends!

I'm not dead yet, just wishing that I could quickly get out of doing thesis. It's not doing really well, and I'm afraid that I might have to extend being frustrated with it for one semester. I'm still trying, though (wish me luck!). I'm currently in a stand still. I can't do anything much before my advisor give me her approval to my variables (plus, she doesn't have time to read my thesis and meet up with me until next week, even though the deadline is three weeks from now. Good God...)

I really miss you guys, so while I got a bit free time, please tell me how you're doing, friends. Is there anything interesting going on with your life or fandom?

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How are you guys? You might probably already noticed, but I'm currently in hiatus. I've done my internship report (thank God), but thesis suddenly eats my life. ...And I'm stopping myself to rant much about it here, since it's a long story, and thinking about it makes me want to throw something in frustration. Let's just say that it's a lot harder than I thought, and I'm pressed with time.

Anyway, I might be available again on May, since I want to concentrate on thesis. I'll be reachable via PM or comments to this entry. I might also randomly popped comments to your entry or your fics when I can. If you need me, feel free to message me with your ramblings / whining / rantings / questions. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I miss you all already ;_;

Be well, dearies~