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Wishing you all a great, prosperous, fantastic, amazing, loving, fabulous, and (insert-your-preferable-adjectives-here) year ahead. And for those of you that make some new year resolutions, good luck with it! I hope that in this year, you get what's the best for you in life ♥

Quick updates from me:

a) I got a new job--a lecturer for my uni. It makes feel both happy and anxious, because while yes, it's a dream of mine to be one, I don't think I'm quite that ready yet. But I don't want to lose the opportunity, so I'll just try to do the best I can, I guess. The (not quite so subtle) nudge to take a PhD degree while doing that job starts to make me anxious, though.

b) Sorry for the long silence! I easily get negative emotions on the last month, either it's anger or sadness, maybe because I feel a bit loss on a few things. My job interview feels like both an assessment and a half counseling session (it fished out my personal issues, but alas, no resolution for it), and it made think a looot of things. I hope that this year some of it will be resolved, or at least, could be accepted for what it is.

c) Merlin's ending and Doctor Who season 7 break my heart ;_; I haven't watch the full episodes yet, and the tumblr gifs made question whether I want to see it or not. Gah.
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