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I... have no excuse on not updating my blog except laziness >_<

My pilgrimage had been going well; it's exhausting but also kind of magical, in a way that spiritual journey usually was. The mosques were incredible, and the mix of culture made me feel in awe. I've met so many people from around the world that made me excited some of the time, and kind of intimidated me on the other times (not all of them were looking friendly, to say the least).

I came home feeling disoriented, but after a good (long) rest, I skimmed on what I had missed. And God, I had missed Alexander Vlahos as Mordred for Merlin. He looked gorgeous! It's a shame that Merlin is coming to an end ;_; I would love to see more of him (and the other boys too). I feel really sad knowing that Merlin would end at season 5, but I do worry that the story would feel stale and more repetitive, and I agree that it should end at a high. Season 5 is nice in its own way, but I can't help not frowning when watching it, like there's something wrong, or missing. ...Or maybe I'm just biased, and can't stand looking at Morgana being somewhat looking degraded. And Aithusaaaaa! /sniffles.

On other note, I still want to run away from talking in detail about confusing things that happening in my life right now, but well, in a nutshell, there are some options that I have to consider for the future, mostly about work. There are some advices and events that want me to re-think my plan, and I'm feeling like I'm in life's crossroads right now, but well, so far I still stick to the plan on being a lecturer ...maybe.
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