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A Break

My project is doooone!

I have now kicked myself out from the company, and went back to my freelancing duty. I'm sad on leaving my friends behind, especially after my once-very-annoying team mate become a still-annoying-but-lovable little sister. I also, suprisingly, miss the certainty on when I have to go to work, despite my whining on how it took too much energy to go to the office every weekdays (and some weekend days).

But yeah, I don't really want to get stuck in that office. As much as I love my friends, the job become steadily boring on the latter steps of the project, and I'm feeling some kind of freedom now. The pay for the job, and the pay for the next short project will be more than enough to feed me this month, so I decided to have a short break right now, and savor it as much as I can. Oh, lovely, lovely days.

So, there are a lot of things that I must have missed knowing from you guys, as well as missed saying to you guys. The might-be-interesting things I did in my hiatus: a) I went to Kyoto for my brother's graduation (I missed the town already), and b) I have a new fandom (I'm entertaining myself with heaps of Steve/Tony from Avengers MCU!universe and it's related universes--thanks to slashy_lady and various talented writers in AO3).

Aaand well, there are some other unimportant and uninteresting things such as additions of gadgets (my wallet cried), and the story how my friends loved to be cupid for my sake (it's mostly just made my confused and defensive), but yeah, unimportant and uninteresting.

How are you guys doing? :D
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