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work, work, work..and chickens

Hello all, wonder how you are all doing?

It's been an exhausting week for me. My work deadline has been pushed forward so next week might also be exhausting. I have a co-worker now, but since she's just graduated and have zero work experience, I have to take some time to make her understand how to do things. I've been hoping that she would at least understand more about psychology test construction, but it turns out that I might know more than her. I appreciate that at least I got some help, and she's willing to learn, but her lack of experience worries me. I guess I'll just see how it goes.

Aaand, do you remember the annoying chickens? It multiplies. My house helper talked to the owner about it, and he/she refused our request to not free the chicken to graze. My dad just shrugged and said that we might make them into food, though he said that he'll give compensation to the owner.

/sigh. How's life for you, dear f-list? I feel like I'm out of loop, and I miss you guys D:
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