Migrating My Fics to AO3


I'm not dead, just busy with life and I don't think that much people see this journal anymore. This is a notification that I'm going to migrate my fics to a joint account with slashy_lady. So if you see a familiar fic by me under the account DNKS-girls, then it's me and not someone else trying to copy my work.

If anyone still read this, I'd love it if you say hi. If you also like to, please drop me your Twitter account using DM since I would very much like to reconnected. I wish you all safe and healthy during this pandemic times
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It's been too long since I've updated this journal, but well, let's just say that I've been through some rough patches while adapting to my new job as a lecturer. I don't really want to complain much everytime I write something, and it seems like most of the things that I want to write on my first year as a lecturer are something negative.

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That being said, I'm not really sure whether I would be very active on updating this journal now (not updating for two years did say something :'D). As I said, sometimes at the end of the day (even weekends), I was thoroughly exhausted either physically / mentally / emotionally, that I just want to sleep / play mundane games / not to think of what I should write about. And anyway, I don't know whether there are still you, my friends, who are active and read my posts. Nevertheless, I'm reluctant to shut down this account, since it's full of memories, so I will try to update from time to time (hopefully the update is not for another two years). So, see you when I see you then! Thank you for still reading, I hope I could catch up with how're you doing too <3
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new year, new year


Wishing you all a great, prosperous, fantastic, amazing, loving, fabulous, and (insert-your-preferable-adjectives-here) year ahead. And for those of you that make some new year resolutions, good luck with it! I hope that in this year, you get what's the best for you in life ♥

Quick updates from me:

a) I got a new job--a lecturer for my uni. It makes feel both happy and anxious, because while yes, it's a dream of mine to be one, I don't think I'm quite that ready yet. But I don't want to lose the opportunity, so I'll just try to do the best I can, I guess. The (not quite so subtle) nudge to take a PhD degree while doing that job starts to make me anxious, though.

b) Sorry for the long silence! I easily get negative emotions on the last month, either it's anger or sadness, maybe because I feel a bit loss on a few things. My job interview feels like both an assessment and a half counseling session (it fished out my personal issues, but alas, no resolution for it), and it made think a looot of things. I hope that this year some of it will be resolved, or at least, could be accepted for what it is.

c) Merlin's ending and Doctor Who season 7 break my heart ;_; I haven't watch the full episodes yet, and the tumblr gifs made question whether I want to see it or not. Gah.

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I... have no excuse on not updating my blog except laziness >_<

My pilgrimage had been going well; it's exhausting but also kind of magical, in a way that spiritual journey usually was. The mosques were incredible, and the mix of culture made me feel in awe. I've met so many people from around the world that made me excited some of the time, and kind of intimidated me on the other times (not all of them were looking friendly, to say the least).

I came home feeling disoriented, but after a good (long) rest, I skimmed on what I had missed. And God, I had missed Alexander Vlahos as Mordred for Merlin. He looked gorgeous! It's a shame that Merlin is coming to an end ;_; I would love to see more of him (and the other boys too). I feel really sad knowing that Merlin would end at season 5, but I do worry that the story would feel stale and more repetitive, and I agree that it should end at a high. Season 5 is nice in its own way, but I can't help not frowning when watching it, like there's something wrong, or missing. ...Or maybe I'm just biased, and can't stand looking at Morgana being somewhat looking degraded. And Aithusaaaaa! /sniffles.

On other note, I still want to run away from talking in detail about confusing things that happening in my life right now, but well, in a nutshell, there are some options that I have to consider for the future, mostly about work. There are some advices and events that want me to re-think my plan, and I'm feeling like I'm in life's crossroads right now, but well, so far I still stick to the plan on being a lecturer ...maybe.
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travelling till 10 Nov

Dear all,

This lousy friend is informing you that she will be going to go to Arab for a pilgrimage (to be precise, hajj), starting from tomorrow until 10 November. slashy_lady (who is in the hospital right now because of thypoid, hope she's recovering well) have my password for this account, and will tell you if anything really significant is happening to me (if she's able to). Preparations and a couple of things are making my heads dizzy this few months, so I'm very very sorry that I still couldn't divert my attention to your posts.

I'll now stop my rambling and try to stop being anxious and will try to sleep early.

Wish me luck! Love you guys! /hugs
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A Break

My project is doooone!

I have now kicked myself out from the company, and went back to my freelancing duty. I'm sad on leaving my friends behind, especially after my once-very-annoying team mate become a still-annoying-but-lovable little sister. I also, suprisingly, miss the certainty on when I have to go to work, despite my whining on how it took too much energy to go to the office every weekdays (and some weekend days).

But yeah, I don't really want to get stuck in that office. As much as I love my friends, the job become steadily boring on the latter steps of the project, and I'm feeling some kind of freedom now. The pay for the job, and the pay for the next short project will be more than enough to feed me this month, so I decided to have a short break right now, and savor it as much as I can. Oh, lovely, lovely days.

So, there are a lot of things that I must have missed knowing from you guys, as well as missed saying to you guys. The might-be-interesting things I did in my hiatus: a) I went to Kyoto for my brother's graduation (I missed the town already), and b) I have a new fandom (I'm entertaining myself with heaps of Steve/Tony from Avengers MCU!universe and it's related universes--thanks to slashy_lady and various talented writers in AO3).

Aaand well, there are some other unimportant and uninteresting things such as additions of gadgets (my wallet cried), and the story how my friends loved to be cupid for my sake (it's mostly just made my confused and defensive), but yeah, unimportant and uninteresting.

How are you guys doing? :D

reverse friends-cut

It's Thursday and the clock shows that it's 19.13 p.m here, and I a) already safe at home; b) already have dinner; c) already changed from my work attire; d) have some kind of privacy; e) haven't got the urge to just curl under the blanket at sleep. It's rare enough to have that, so yay!

It also means that I've got to say something that should've been told for quite some time now.

I know I haven't been quite a good friend these days. I've got no energy or no privacy to sit and read your entries in such a long, long time. My current work project saps my energy and cheerfulness, and I don't know, it feels wrong to comment on your entries when I'm bitter and/or drained, so yeah.

This project would end in mid-June, but to be honest, I feel like I couldn't promise that I would come back to LJ with as much enthusiasm like I did back when I'm still a NEET, then a grad student. Given that thought, I would not have a grudge on you if you cut me from your f-list.

It would be really nice if those of you who want to go to say goodbye in the comment so I could do the same. It's not something that you should be obliged to do, though. Just know that I feel very, very grateful to you that you gave me the chance to be in your f-list. I love you for that. And for those of you that stay, either by chance or by real choice, thank you so, so much for being there!

And well, when I'm writing this post, I've kind of lost my privacy, so goodbye for now! I'll keep you all in my thoughts.
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work, work, work..and chickens

Hello all, wonder how you are all doing?

It's been an exhausting week for me. My work deadline has been pushed forward so next week might also be exhausting. I have a co-worker now, but since she's just graduated and have zero work experience, I have to take some time to make her understand how to do things. I've been hoping that she would at least understand more about psychology test construction, but it turns out that I might know more than her. I appreciate that at least I got some help, and she's willing to learn, but her lack of experience worries me. I guess I'll just see how it goes.

Aaand, do you remember the annoying chickens? It multiplies. My house helper talked to the owner about it, and he/she refused our request to not free the chicken to graze. My dad just shrugged and said that we might make them into food, though he said that he'll give compensation to the owner.

/sigh. How's life for you, dear f-list? I feel like I'm out of loop, and I miss you guys D:
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Happy New Year!


I wish you all have a very happy new year, and I wish that your wishes will become real this year. I'm not big in resolutions since I mostly don't work on it, but those of you who do, good luck with it!

I'm not feeling too well on New Year's Eve, so I spent it being asleep XD I'm stuck with my reports too, since it's going to be due on Wednesday *sighs*

But anyway, I got a new project offer! It's a test construction project, which will be more interesting and challenging that making psychological reports. I'm going to work on office hours at weekdays and I can't work at home, but at least that meant I'm not going to work on weekends like now. I'm 90% sure that I'm going to get it, since I get it as an offer, but I don't know, it seems too good to be true.

Forget about work. Fandom wise, I'm happy with the fact that Merlin season 4 was quite satisfying for most part, Doctor Who Christmas Special made me cried happy tears, and Sherlock season 2 is coming here sooooon \o/